Astroite Jasper Price Per Kg

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Astroite Jasper Price Per Kg

Astroite Jasper Stone

About Astroite Jasper Stone

Astroite Jasper Stone is a reliable natural stone with natural color. Its mostly used in jewelry as well as in ornamental. To read more about Astroite Jasper Stone please click here.

Astroite Jasper Stone Reiki Healing Properties

Astroite Jasper Stone helps physically and mentally both. Healing is the best way for treatment. To learn more about Reiki healing properties, chakra, astrological sign and uses of Astroite Jasper Stone disease and their treatment process please click here.

Astroite Jasper Stone Physical and Metaphysical Properties

Product NameAstroite Jasper Stone
Astroite Jasper Stone Shape Oval, Pear, Round, Teardrops, Square, Fancy, Heart, Marquise, Rectangular, Trillion, Heptagon, Octagon, Star, Flower, dome, flat etc cabochon shape. Below in this page, you can read more about Astroite Jasper Stone shape.
Astroite Jasper Stone Size Mix size of cabochons buyer will get. Below in this page, you can read more about Astroite Jasper Stone size.
Astroite Jasper Stone Color As seen images.
Astroite Jasper Stone ClarityOpaque
Astroite Jasper Stone TreatmentNon-Treated
Astroite Jasper Stone OriginOrigin Place
Other informationPlease click here to read more about Amozonite Stone Crystal System, Chemical Composition hardness, and other metaphysical properties.

Reasons to buy Astroite Jasper Stone from us!

Astroite Jasper Stone Guarantee / Certification

  • 100% genuine natural Astroite Jasper Stone we have.
  • No heat treatment, No color or dyed treatment and no other treatment.
  • All photos and videos are of the actual Astroite Jasper Stone we have. These Astroite Jasper Stone photos are taken for sample purpose. Buyer will get Astroite Jasper Stone like these sample photo.
  • We offer certification from GIA for USD 30.00 (5-10 additional days).
  • Bhuvah also offers certification from the International Testing lab USD 15.00 only (3-4 days).
  • For more information regarding Astroite Jasper Stone guarantee/certification policy click here

Astroite Jasper Stone Quality & Grade

  • Astroite Jasper Stone quality buyer will get as seen in the sample image.
  • Color may be a little bit different from the sample image. Because color depends on camera quality while taking a photo of stone, monitor screen color, and resolutions and brightness and contrast.
  • For more information regarding Astroite Jasper Stone, quality policy click here

Astroite Jasper Stone Price, Aditional Quantity, and Weight

  • Astroite Jasper Stone price is of stone quality as seen in the sample image.
  • Here Astroite Jasper Stone price is per kg. For example, you add quantity 5 to the left of the Add To Cart Button then it means you will get 5 kg Astroite Jasper Stone.
  • Here you can buy as much as you want. Here is no limitation for buying because Bhuvah gems are for the wholesaler.
  • For example, if you enter quantity 1 near Add to Cart Button:-
  • Then 1 means:-
  • a) In gram, you will get 1000 gram Astroite Jasper Stone pieces.
  • b) In kilo or kg or kilogram, you will get 1 kg or 1 kilo or 1 kilogram Astroite Jasper Stone.
  • c) In carat or karat, you will get 5000 carats or karat Astroite Jasper Stone.
  • d) In ounce, you will get 35.28 Ounce, Astroite Jasper Stone.
  • e) In Pound, you will get 2.20 Pound, Astroite Jasper Stone.
  • Or please click here for weight unit converter.
  • To buy according to Astroite Jasper Stone per piece price click here
  • Buy according to weight as per gram please click here
  • For more information about price, quantity and weight policy click here

Astroite Jasper Stone Size

  • The buyer will get Astroite Jasper Stone mix size cabochons in this lot.
  • If the buyer wants approx size then the buyer can write a note on the checkout page or after order confirmation you can send an email. We will try to give in your required size. If not available in stock then we can make for you in your required approx size.
  • For making in your required size we take time. Time depends on quantity and size.
  • To buy Astroite Jasper Stone fix and calibrated size please click here

Astroite Jasper Stone Shape

  • Astroite Jasper Stone oval shape, Astroite Jasper Stone cabochon shape, Pear shape Astroite Jasper Stone, Round Astroite Jasper Stone, Astroite Jasper Stone teardrops, Square Astroite Jasper Stone, Fancy Astroite Jasper Stone, Astroite Jasper Stone heart-shaped stone, Marquise Astroite Jasper Stone, Rectangular Astroite Jasper Stone, Astroite Jasper Stone trillion shape, Astroite Jasper Stone heptagon, Astroite Jasper Stone octagon, Astroite Jasper Stone star, Astroite Jasper Stone flower, Astroite Jasper Stone dome shape cabochon, Astroite Jasper Stone flat cabochon etc.
  • These above Astroite Jasper Stone shape we have in cabochon. You will get these shape in the mix or depends on availability in stock. After purchasing, the buyer can write us a note particular shape. We will try to give Astroite Jasper Stone in buyer required shape. But we never commit for this particular shape. If your quantity is above 2 kilograms in each shape then we can make in particular shape. We take time for making. It depends on quantity and stone. Buyer can email us for this particular shape.
  • For Buying Astroite Jasper Stone calibrated shape please click here.

Shipping and Combining

  • Shipping solutions we provide by DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, TNT, Blue Dart, India Post, Ecsspl, dpex, by sea and many more. Express shipping and Economy shipping both options we have. The shipping company’s shipping and delivery time 2-5 days, 5-7 days, 7-10 days, 15-30 days, 30-40 days etc. Shipping company counts only shipping days and time, they never include customs clearance time and days.
  • Customs clearance time and days depend on the country to country. The clearance time also depends on total weight and item type.
  • Shipping time doesn’t include processing and manufacturing time.
  • We don’t dispatch an order on Saturday, Sunday and holiday.
  • Another item also can be combined with this product. Because we have weight based shipping options. More weight—>Less shipping charge.
  • We provide only one-way shipping, means we can dispatch or send a parcel to buyer delivery address. Bhuvah can’t reverse pick parcel from buyer place.
  • Reverse pickup option is not available.
  • Shipping option and price is available on the checkout page.
  • We provide a tracking number by email and on our website my account page.
  • Please click here to learn more about Bhuvah shipping & return policy

Astroite Jasper Stone Processing Time / Manufacturing Time

  • We take 72 working hours in the processing of the order. We take 5-7 working days in manufacturing if the product is out of stock. We send an email to customer after receiving the order for processing time. Our working days is Monday to Friday. We have always Saturday and Sunday holiday. Our timing is 10: 00 AM to 5:00 PM IST time. To check IST current time please click here.
  • We have the holiday on festival days. To check our festival holiday please click here.

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