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Amazonite Stone Pendant

Amazonite Pendant

More About Amazonite Pendant

Amazonite Pendant is with a natural stone. The stone we source from origin place. It is a collector stone. To learn more about Amazonite please click here.

Amazonite Pendant Uses in Reiki Healing

Amazonite Pendant is worn as jewelry for meditation and in healing. It has an important role. For more information about Reiki healing properties and uses of Amazonite Pendant and as a birthstone, astrological sign and their process please click here.

Physical and Metaphysical Properties of Amazonite Pendant

Stone NameAmazonite Pendant
Amazonite Pendant Shape Amazonite Pendant stone is available in Oval shape or as seen as in the image. More information about Amazonite Pendant shape you can read below on this page.
Amazonite Pendant Stone Size Amazonite Pendant Stone size 0-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, we will use in making as per your selection. More information about Amazonite Pendant size you can find below on this page.
Amazonite Pendant Stone Color Quality wise, as seen images.
Amazonite Pendant Stone ClarityOpaque
Amazonite Pendant Stone TreatmentNon-Treated
Amazonite Pendant Stone OriginSourcing
Amazonite Pendant MetalPlease Read below in this page more about 925 stamps and metal of Amazonite Pendant
Other information of Amazonite Pendant stonePlease click here to read more about Chakra, Secondary Chakra, Crystal System, Chemical Composition, Astrological Sign, Birthstone, Hardness, Chemical Composition etc.

Why does Amazonite Pendant buy from us?

Amazonite Pendant  Stone Quality Guarantee / Certification

  • We use 100% guaranteed genuine Natural Amazonite in Pendant.
  • We don’t use heat treated, colored, dyed or other treated Amazonite in Pendant.
  • These are actual & real photo and video of Amazonite Pendant stone we have. The photo and video are taken for sample purpose. You will get stone in the pendant like in the image.
  • Amazonite certification from GIA with extra charge USD $30.00 (5-10 additional days).
  • Certificates of Amazonite from the International Testing lab with extra charge USD $15.00 only (3-4 days).
  • For more Amazonite Pendant gemstone guarantee/certification policy please click here

Amazonite Pendant  Metal Guarantee / Certification

  • We make a pendant from 925 Silver, Steel (SS) and Silver + steel mix. You will get as per your selection from the dropdown list.
  • Our silver is pure genuine 925 silver. Buyer can test in any laboratory.
  • We use SS steel so it doesn’t tarnish and give a shining like silver.
  • We make silver polish in silver and steel mix pendant.

925 Stamp on Pendant

  • As per your selection “Yes” or “No” you will get “925” stamp on behind of loop of the pendant. Yes, we make with 925 stamps on SS Steel pendant also if you select “Yes” from the dropdown list.

Weight and Aditional Quantity of Amazonite Pendant

Amazonite Pendant Stone Size and Price

  • Amazonite Pendant Stone piece size is measured in millimeter (mm) from a long side. Size selection is available above Add to cart button.
  • For example, if buyer select 0-20 mm size of stone then the buyer will get 0-20 mm approx size of the stone in Amazonite Pendant.
  • 0-20 mm Amazonite Pendant stones, 20-30 mm Amazonite Pendant cabochon, 30-40 mm Amazonite Pendant gemstones, 40-50 mm size Amazonite Pendant stone, 50-60 mm Amazonite Pendant gemstone, 60-70 mm Amazonite Pendant and more big size Amazonite Pendant we can make or depends on rough size. The buyer can select size from a drop-down list, available above Add to Cart Button. If the buyer required size is not mentioned there, then the buyer can contact us or chat with us.
  • Price changed according to the selection of size from the drop-down list.
  • Please remember this is an approx size of Amazonite Pendant cabochon. Size can be little bit 2-3mm +-.
  • To buy fix and calibrated size of Amazonite Pendant then please contact us.

Amazonite Pendant Cabochon Shape

Amazonite Pendant Processing Time / Manufacturing Time

Amazonite Pendant Shipping and Combining

100% Guaranteed Secured Payment Options


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